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Standby Task Force is celebrating its 7th year! Since 2010, we have achieved great results, collecting data and providing information to support disaster management around the world. This has only been possible thanks to the support of the SBTF volunteers, …

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Data from Haiti-SBTF-Hurricane-Matthew On October 4th, we activated in order to respond to Hurricane Matthew. At first, the path of this powerful category 4 hurricane was very unpredictable, but it was soon clear that we needed to focus our data collection …

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Hurricane Matthew has passed through the Caribbean and is affecting the east coast of the United States. It has been downgraded to a Category 3 Hurricane. Seventy volunteers have so far joined the deployment. If you are one of them, …

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Our activation To my British ears “Matthew” sounds like a nice, quiet, respectable sort of character. Hurricane Matthew certainly isn’t any of those things. Ferocious winds and rain are affecting many communities across the Caribbean with flooding, tidal surges and …

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Several countries in the Caribbean are bracing for Hurricane Matthew, a powerful category 4 hurricane. While the trajectory and the severity of the hurricane is unpredictable, it has already started causing flooding and damage in several places. We at the …

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On Saturday 16th April, a powerful earthquake hit Ecuador.  On the 18th, the Standby Task Force Core Team agreed to self-activate to start collecting data for a 3W report that could support humanitarian actors coordinating an efficient response strategy. For …

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Our 3W (Who is doing What, Where) is being published on Silk!   SBTF is fortunate to have thousands of dedicated volunteers that spend a lot of time during disasters researching information and carefully entering it into our Google Sheets. …

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On Saturday 16th April, a 7.8 earthquake hit Ecuador around 7pm local time. The Core Team of the Standby Task Force is in touch with various organizations on the ground, as well as with the international responding communities. There seems …

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We’re experimenting with gathering data in Storify. We’d appreciate any feedback on this approach. [View the story “Tropical Cyclone Zena – Fiji” on Storify]

Just before Christmas, we built a picture of what services are available for refugees traveling to and across Europe. This was a spin-off from the deployment we were working for NetHope which involved building data about what was happening in targeted …

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