Our volunteers collaborate using a range of online tools to analyse publicly available data and provide summaries for humanitarian agencies.

One of the most useful summaries we can produce are maps. This page provides a summary of some of the maps we have produced.

September 2019 – Hurricane Dorian – east coast USA and The Bahamas

  • Map of Medical Facility Status, Hurricane Dorian

October 2017 – Hurricane Maria – Puerto Rico

  • Map of Puerto Rico Road and Hospital Status

May 2015 – Earthquake – Nepal:

  • Map of affected areas, incidents, social media, photographs, and urgent needs

March 2015 – Tropical Cyclone Pam – Vanuatu:

  • Map of images from social media via MicroMappers
  • Story map of images from social media via other sources
  • Who is doing what and where in the Vanuatu response

December 2014 – Typhoon Hagupit | Ruby:

  • Storymap – images: Images from the effect of the Typhoon Hagupit
  • Facebook/Instagram reports related to the Typhoon Hagupit

 October 2014 – Ebola in West Africa

  • A collection of maps of health facilities in several countries