our structure

The Standby Task Force is a volunteer led and managed network. All Standby Task Force volunteers have equal responsibility for the success of our deployments and our overall mission.

We have a number of teams with particular responsibilities.

The core team

The core team deals with the overall organisation of the Standby Task Force and our individual deployments. They are volunteers drawn from the network. Vacancies on the core team are advertised to the network regularly and volunteers are appointed based on being able to demonstrate the relevant skills experience and capacity.

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The coordinators

The coordinators play a vital role in our deployments. They help make sure that volunteers are focused on the most important tasks, they support and encourage new volunteers and make sure experienced volunteers are able to share their skills. Any volunteer who has worked on at least one deployment is eligible to apply to join the coordinators team.

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Standby Task Force is a not-for-profit (501(c)3) organisation incorporated in the United States of America. The directors are responsible for ensuring the good governance of the organisation.

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We would like to thank the many volunteers who have served on one or more of these teams over the past years. Many of them are still actively involved within the network and working hard to support humanitarian response.

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