End of our deployment for hurricane Maria in Dominica

On the 19th of September, Hurricane Maria slammed into the island of Dominica as a Category 5 Hurricane, leading to widespread devastation throughout the island. The Standby Task Force was activated by UN OCHA to consolidate and geolocate imagery for the island. The pictures and videos collected are now being used by responders to assess the damage in Dominica, to gain an overview of impact and severity of the disaster.

Our short activation has now come to an end, and our volunteers have done a phenomenal job as always. A public map of the data collected has been created, and can be viewed here: https://arcg.is/1XzCz

On behalf of the Core Team and Coordinators, I would like to thank all of the volunteers for the amazing efforts and dedication that you all put in during this deployment. In a moment where such little information was available from Dominica, you did an amazing job assembling and geolocating over 700 pictures and videos!

In the coming days, the data will be used to help the teams on the ground in their coordination and relief efforts, but our job here is done.  Be proud SBTF volunteers, be very proud!

Now, it’s time to stand down.

The SBTF is back in standby mode – as always please keep an eye on your email and the Slack channel in case of any future activations.

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