SBTF to dissolve

After much consideration, and with the full support of the Core Team, the Board of Directors has unanimously voted to dissolve The Standby Task Force.
We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the volunteers that have helped SBTF respond to emergencies and humanitarian crises in 5 continents during the past years, supporting responders on the ground with information management and mapping services.
As a transparent organization, we have always been open to sharing our workflows and practices with other organizations. Several are now successfully incorporating our methodologies for crisis management within their own communities. A lot has changed since 2010, when SBTF responded to its first earthquake, and now the responders that have used our products are managing to fill data gaps that we have identified in the past, sometimes using technology that was unthought of ten years ago. We look back proudly at what has been achieved by our volunteers, but also couldn’t be more excited to see what other innovations are developed in this sector by fellow organizations in this space.

We will update this post as we go through the process.

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  1. Tegegne Tefera says:

    Can you please explain if there are alternatives out there?

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