Hurricane Matthew final update

Data from Haiti-SBTF-Hurricane-Matthew

On October 4th, we activated in order to respond to Hurricane Matthew. At first, the path of this powerful category 4 hurricane was very unpredictable, but it was soon clear that we needed to focus our data collection on Haiti.

During the past days, we collected as much information as possible to support humanitarian actors who are coordinating an efficient response strategy.

What SBTF volunteers have done in these past days has been amazing. The information collected is visualized on this Silk map that we have shared with the humanitarian actors who are coordinating relief efforts in the affected areas . [UPDATE: we’ve also created a map using Tableau]

Now that several days have passed since Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti, and the responders on the ground have a clearer understanding of the critical needs, it’s time for us to go back to standby mode.

The deployment will end on Tuesday October 11th, at 18:00 UTC

Be proud SBTF volunteers, be very proud!

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