Hurricane Matthew update 2

Hurricane Matthew has passed through the Caribbean and is affecting the east coast of the United States. It has been downgraded to a Category 3 Hurricane.

Seventy volunteers have so far joined the deployment. If you are one of them, thank you so much. I am proud to be able to work alongside you. Don’t forget to tell your friends online that you have deployed with the Standby Task Force.

Our data is currently being published onto this Silk map. As we get more information the map will update. We’re also looking at whether other products would be useful.

Hundreds of people have been killed in Haiti (the estimates have been increasing rapidly all day). There is significant damage to housing, roads and communications infrastructure. We’re seeing more information online as people start to take stock and responders try to reach affected communities. We can help by processing the different reports and turning them into structured information.

Our good friends at QCRI have fired up the MicroMappers platform. Please share this link widely. It’s easy to do and will generate useful data we can use to update our map and information resource. 

There is plenty of work to do. As always with Standby Task Force many hands make light work. If you can spare even an hour, please join the #hurricane-matthew channel in Slack (shout if you can’t find it). If you aren’t a SBTF volunteer, why not join now.

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