Ecuador earthquake: end of 3W Deployment. Volunteers please stand by.

On Saturday 16th April, a powerful earthquake hit Ecuador.  On the 18th, the Standby Task Force Core Team agreed to self-activate to start collecting data for a 3W report that could support humanitarian actors coordinating an efficient response strategy.

For the first time in our history, we decided to visualize this data using a new program called Silk. Our 3W report has received praise from several organizations that are working in the field. Be proud SBTF volunteers, be very proud!

SBTF efforts have also received a lot of attention from other organizations from Ecuador. The deployment leads are in touch with them, and will discuss what kind of assistance SBTF can provide for these local initiatives. We will obviously keep you updated, but we have ended the 3W Deployment to support Ecuador at 18:00 UTC today.

Now most of the job on the 3W report is done, and we can go back to standby mode. But, please, keep an eye on your email and on Slack general channel. We might need to activate again in the near future.

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