Standby work for Hurricane Patricia

Satellite image of a storm seen from space

Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane Patricia is a very significant system currently heading for Mexico.

It is expected to make landfall later this evening local time (0000 UTC)

Getting ready, just in case

We are making preparations in case we are activated.

For example we are compiling sources of information and starting to set up some of the working documents we might need. We have also got AIDR collecting tweets that may be relevant.

We’d like to make a special call for SBTF volunteers who speak and read Spanish. If you don’t have any Spanish, don’t worry there will still be useful work for you to do.

Photo credit:

Historic Hurricane Patricia Bears Down on Mexico’s Pacific Coast by PRONASA Goddard Space Flight

One comment on “Standby work for Hurricane Patricia
  1. David Ricardo Sol Martinez says:

    Hi Ben, I am in Mexico (Puebla) and I am SBTF member. Just in case for Hurricane Patricia I can collaborate as volunteer,

    best regards

    david sol

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