End of our Refugees in the Balkans deployment

Our work to support Internews in investigating services and information flows for refugees traveling along the Turkey – Balkans – Germany route is now at an end. Helena, the whole Core Team and I would like to thank every single one of the volunteers who worked on this project. The amount of information that you have managed to collect is simply incredible.

This was not the easiest of SBTF deployments: to add a single line to our document  could have required you to perform creative web searches, befriend Google Translate and learn Balkans geography (the hard way).  You did an amazing job.

Now it’s time to Stand down.

Sometimes the end is the hardest part of a deployment. The crisis is no longer something that we simply saw on TV while we were having our  dinner. But we did our part.

Now Helena will clean the data, validate it and use the information collected to create a report so that Internews can establish information centres to tell refugees arriving in Europe where they can get services.

This is all possible thanks to your work. Once again you proved what an amazing force of digital humanitarians you really are.

Be proud.

P.S. There may be other projects on the “refugee crisis” in the near future. Regularly check the blog and join the conversation in SBTF General room on Skype to stay tuned.

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