Update #4 final push for micromappers for Vanuatu (second deployment)

This is an update on our current activation to undertake housing damage assessments in Vanuatu.

The situation at 1700 UTC 10 April 2015

One final push now.

Thank you so much for all your hard work so far.

You can see the results of all your efforts on this map.

Take a good look at that map.

You did that.

It’s a real improvement to the information picture for the Vanuatu government and other agencies and it’s all down to you.

There is still more to do

We still have more images to process and so we are going to keep the deployment open until we’ve managed to process all the data.

Please do help out if you have a chance. You can get through a surprising number of images in just five minutes and you can make all the difference.

Don’t forget, we’ll be moving into the images of the worst hit islands so viewing might be tough.

Sign up now

Sign up details are on our Ning (only for SBTF network members)

A reminder on our task

We were activated 5 April 2015 at the request of the World Bank and the government of Vanuatu.

Our task is to use the MicroMappers platform to analyse images taken from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

The deployment will last until the final images have been processed. We are confident that, with a final push from everyone, that will be this weekend.

Don’t forget Nigeria

There are elections in Nigeria this weekend for governors and to the state house of assembly.

The presidential elections (held on March 28 2015) seem to have gone well as reported by, for example, The Economist.

We have not formally activated the Standby Task Force but many SBTF volunteers supported CODE with election monitoring for the presidential elections.

SBTF volunteers focused on geolocation and categorization of observer- and citizen reports to CODE’s Ushahidi instance.

There has been a request for volunteers to support CODE in the same way over this coming weekend.

If you would like to join, sign up details are on the Ning.


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