Update #1 on Ecuador Earthquake

SBTF Update #1 for the Ecuador Earthquake

Ecuador Earthquake

Ecuador is now on its third day since the 7.8 earthquake, one of the most destructive in their history, struck the country Saturday. The death toll has reached 413 with thousands injured or without homes. Some international aid organizations have already reached the area but most are still mobilizing. These organizations will need to coordinate their operations so they can reach the different needs and not overlap aid. Our 3W (Who is doing What, Where) can help them. By providing contact information and descriptions of their response plans, we help these organizations render vital aid faster and more effectively.


How does SBTF help the victims?

We have deployment tasks for every skill: online search skills, geolocation of affected areas and NGO operations, Spanish translation of tweets, and data visualization. This information will be available to relief groups on the ground.

We also have been in contact with an Ecuadorian group that is trying to travel from town to town to report on the damage and needs. Most of these small villages cannot be reached easily since the roads are so damaged. Did you help us with Nepal? Remember those small isolated villages that desperately needed help? Like Nepal, we can map those towns, describe their needs and offer this to organizations mobilizing to help.
Through our contacts on the ground, SBTF connected the city authorities in Portoviejo with the Humanitarian UAV Network. They are now deploying local, professional drone-pilots and GIS experts on the request of the GAD Cantón Muncipal de Portoviejo to get an overview of damages in affected districts.

Finally, we support the crowdmap initiative mapa.desastre.ec with experienced, Spanish speaking SBTF volunteers to help out mapping the disaster.


Al Jazeera news has reported:

There, survivors curled up on mattresses or plastic chairs next to flattened homes. Soldiers and police patrolled streets while rescuers searched for any survivors.

Tents sprang up in the town’s football stadium, where relief workers treated the injured, distributed water, food and blankets, and stacked coffins.

Numbed by their trauma, bruised and bandaged survivors wandered around, while the more seriously injured were evacuated to hospitals.


More than 300 aftershocks rattled the stricken region, leaving survivors huddled in the streets, fearful that their already damaged homes would cave in.


Join us

Please join our deployment. Information and sign up sheet is available on the Ning http://standbytaskforce.ning.com/


Do you have questions? Email the core team at or contact us in the Slack general channel.


Deployments Leads:

Per Aarvik

Stuart Costello

Valeria Villan

Joyce Monsees


photo credit: www.360nobs.com/

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