Refugees in the Balkans. Activation starts 16 September 2015

Large numbers of people are travelling from the Middle East into and across Europe.

Internews is investigating services and information flows for refugees traveling along the Turkey – Balkans – Germany route. Internews has two staff traveling along the route, making contact with local organizations and researching information on the ground.

They also want to research what information is available online; that’s where SBTF comes in. With the information collected, Internews will work with local organizations to fill information gaps that are negatively impacting refugees traveling along this route.


SBTF volunteers will collect two types of information:

  • Who is providing services to refugees along this route?
  • What services are they providing?
  • Where are these services being provided?
  • What information are refugees getting along the route?
  • Where are refugees getting information from?
  • What topics is the information covering?

Time: You will be asked to collect as much information as you can between September 16 – 23. You can work on information collection at your own pace / time. A volunteer coordinator will be available to handle questions throughout.


Some tasks only require English; some tasks have other language requirements. We are particularly looking for volunteers who speak Arabic. Volunteers who speak Pashtu, Dari and Tigrigna would also be welcome. (Most refugees on this route are Syrian. Other large nationality groups include Iraqis, Afghans and Eritreans.)

Sign up & onboarding

Please fill out the form you will find on the Ning

Within 12 hours, you will be added to a Slack channel. We will use Slack for all communications with volunteers. Don’t worry if you haven’t used Slack before, it’s very simple and straightforward to use.

We are using Slack for this deployment to make it easier to work with Internews volunteers. We will carry on using Skype normally in SBTF.

Please tell people what you are doing

Please step forward.

As you join the deployment, please let your friends and family know on social media.

On Twitter you could say:

I just deployed with the @sbtaskforce to support @internews investigating refugee flows in Europe

On Facebook you could say:

I’m working with other volunteers in the Standby Task Force to support Internews investigating services and information flows for refugees traveling along the Turkey – Balkans – Germany route


Leads for this deployment are:

Per Aarvik () skype:per_aarvik

Helena Puig Larrauri ()


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