Update #8 | Nepal earthquake deployment | Extended until May 6

The final push

As the response on the ground in Nepal builds up we have been reviewing our tasks.

3W Continues

We are currently focusing our efforts on maintaining and improving the 3W data.

We are issuing daily updates of our 3W information which can be found here


Between now and Wednesday we will focus as much effort as we can on keeping the 3W data up to date and plugging any gaps.

Please join this task

This is a really rewarding task. Our 3W report is the most comprehensive and up to date report of agencies responding available in the field.

Soon the normal UN process will take over but we really want to make sure our data is as useful as possible right up until we end our activation.

Needs and offers stopped but not, necessarily, ended

The KLL Crisis Map is really building its capacity and is on the ground. On top of this because power is out in the affected areas so we are not receiving any new messages via social media.

The needs and offers team has worked really hard to geolocate all of our reports ready to hand over to KLL. Please point people to the KLL Crisis Map which is a really fantastic project: http://www.kathmandulivinglabs.org/earthquake/

We are discussing with UN-OCHA a possible further needs and offers task. We will hopefully be able to bring you more information tomorrow Tuesday May 4 2015.

We have ended work on the following tasks:

Affected areas

The affected areas map data has served its purpose. We had a rapid assessment up as quickly as it was possible to generate it. As responders get out into the country and as more data sources come on stream this task is no longer needed.

Camp info

We believe that the location of most informal camps is now understood. Responders now need more detail on the conditions, scale and other issues. So we will need to change the focus on this task and, when UAViators data becomes available we will need to be ready to ramp up the work again.

Photos and images

This has been a tough and gruelling task but it has really improved the understanding of the situation for responders on the ground and planning to respond. However the flow of new photos and images has really slowed and we are not receiving requests for this output any more.

Thank you all for your hard work on this. You have made a real difference in really challenging circumstances.

But the deployment carries on until 2200 UTC on Wednesday May 6 2015.

Please keep going.


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