Small successes in Nepal

Much of the work of the Standby Task Force is, rightly, in the background supporting the overall response. We collate data and produce maps.

We do also get involved in more specific human stories though.

Locating trapped children

Last night we asked a few of our volunteers to find the geo location of some trapped children.

All we had was rough information. Volunteers found the location (the latitude and longitude) based on descriptions from people on the ground. We fed the location to  information to our friends working at VOST.

Within hours we received this message:

 The […] children have been reached – found temporary shelter and have received food and water! They can’t go home though, so will still need help to stay healthy and find permanent shelter, but safe for now. Thanks SBTF volunteers for your help! Seeing more positive signs now the SAR have arrived and hoping for so many more miracles like this.

(We’ve redacted the location details for this public blog post)

Urgent request for medical assistance

We are working with Nepali volunteers some inside and some outside the country in a group we created with Luther Jeke and Medha Sharma.

They found an urgent request for medical assistance from a doctor asking for many specific items of medical equipment. Unfortunately it had the wrong details on it. They helped track down the correct details for the doctor. One of the volunteers telephoned him and had a conversation. Our friends at Humanity Road were able to match a supplier willing to donate all that was required. Supplies are now being arranged to fly into Nepal and be collected at the airport by the doctor!

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