Update #1 on Nepal earthquake deployment

This is an update on the deployment for Nepal and a brief summary of the situation as we understand it on the ground.

The situation in Nepal at 2000 UTC April 25 2015

At 0611 UTC on April 25 a very large magnitude earthquake (reports differ on its precise measure) affected much of Nepal. Given the magnitude of the quake, the location and the make-up of the country the humanitarian impact is expected to be very significant.

Early estimates put the death toll well over 1,000 but in reality it will take much longer before the real impact is known.

Much more information is available in the Humanity Road sitrep http://humanityroad.org/apr25nepalquake/

Our role

We activated the Standby Task Force as part of the humanitarian response at 1200 UTC on April 25 2015. Initially the deployment is expected to last until 2300 UTC Tuesday April 28 2015 but this will be kept under review.

Amazingly rapid response

We have been running AIDR which has processed over 780,000 items that might have been relevant down to around 1,000. We are using the MicroMapper platform to help volunteers process the resulting items and the geoclickers platform to geolocate images and reports.

Already 150 rows of data have been added to our Information Management resource.

You have, once again, responded incredibly. We have 46 volunteers in the deployment right now but we need more.

For more information

If you are a humanitarian organisation who would like access to the information we are compiling please contact .

If you are a journalist who would like to know more about Standby Task Force please contact . You might also be interested in the news release on this deployment.

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