Ebola Activation Update 18th October 2014

Firstly I want to convey our thanks to each and everyone of you.


Your input to the activation has meant that SBTF have the most comprehensive dataset of health care facilities in the affected countries.

The agencies that are using our information so far are UNMEER, World Health Organisation, NetHope, Medicine Sans Frontieres, British Red Cross, OSM to name a few and more requesting it by the day.
This has only been made possible by the time you have given to help the people suffering from this terrible illness.
We are looking at other phases of work to continue providing relevant, timely and accurate information.
For this to work we need to listen to your thoughts.
If you were part of this activation, we have compiled a short questionnaire and we would really appreciate if you would take time to complete it.
Your thoughts and ideas will contribute to making a success of the next activation.
Once again a huge thank you from us all.
Jus, Per, Joyce, Leesa, Hilary and all the wonderful team leads.
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