Ebola Activation Update 8th October 2014

SBTF are so fortunate to have amazing volunteers. Within 1 hour  of announcing the activation we had approx 60 members offer their time, as of now we have 131. Thank you each and every one. If you have not signed up yet here is the link to do so .

If you are not a SBTF member it is never too late to join us.  http://blog.standbytaskforce.com

We are conducting training and refreshers for all tasks.


A brief update on the task so far:

We have inputted numerous organisations Health Care Facilities information into one comprehensive document, we are now filling in all the missing information, geo locating, reverse geolocating (if you dont know what this is sign up and find out) then verifying information. This document is now one of the most comprehensive ones of its type.

We have activated our Empathy team. (Leesa, Donna and Christina).  If anyone feels affected by the task they can talk to the team in total confidence at anytime.

Please contact them either via email , or s or via our skype group.

Some feedback we received today via email from – World Health Organisation…….

” Thank you for the call today and, as we discussed your SBTF volunteers excellent work with Health Facilities data aggregation / QA-QC”  

Well done everyone your work is being noticed and used. Lets keep the momentum going.

We have some new team leads for this activation, thank you so much to the following people:


Peter Mosur

Lidia Cibor

Laura Morris

Heather Milton


Please feel free to ask any questions in any skype windows, one of us will be online to assist.

If anyone is interested in becoming one for this activation please email .


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