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When Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, it killed more than 10,000 people in a matter of hours. Dale Kunce, a senior geospatial engineer for the American Red Cross, was scrambling stateside to map the tragedy for first responders. The Philippine …

How The Candy Crush Of Data Is Saving Lives In Nepal Read More »

During our Nepal deployment, a group of 14 UN Online Volunteers joined us. The experiences of two of them have just been published in the UN Volunteering newsletter. It’s a great article. Thanks to all the UN Volunteers who helped out.

Our work to support Young Pioneer Disaster Response in their deployment to the Federated States of Micronesia is at an end. We started with a focus on Information Management and we moved on to produce some rather excellent maps. Both …

End of our deployment for Federated States of Micronesia Read More »

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We’re in the final stretch now. Our deployment ends 22:00 UTC today, June 26 2015. 56 volunteers have signed up and, in that distinctive SBTF way, we have got to know the Federated States of Micronesia from a distance. We …

Update #3 on FSM/TC Maysak and call for volunteers Read More »

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When you have been away from the deployment for a while (because you have been asleep for example) you read back through the Skype chat window to see what was happening while you were out. This is a great thing …

Update #2 on FSM/TC Maysak and call for volunteers Read More »

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Every deployment brings its own challenges and its own. In Nepal, for example, there was the incredible urgency to get information processed as quickly as possible combined with managing hundreds of volunteers within SBTF and in other groups. In FSM …

Update #1 on FSM/Typhoon Maysak and call for volunteers Read More »

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As of 09:00 June 23 2015 UTC Standby Task Force has been activated. You can read more about the background to this deployment. We are providing assistance to YPDR from the Philippines. We will be searching for maps and satellite imagery, …

Our deployment to support humanitarian assistance to FSM has now begun Read More »

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Background to this deployment Between March 28 2015 and – April 1 2015 a Category Five storm: Typhoon Maysak hit two states in the FSM. The Governors of both states declared states of emergencies shortly afterwards, the president of the …

Deployment to support the Federated States of Micronesia starts 0900 UTC 23 June 2015 Read More »

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We’ve compiled a summary of the Standby Task Force deployment to support the humanitarian response to the Nepal earthquake. View the Nepal AAR online as a Google document or download the Nepal Earthquake After Action Report.

We’ve published an update for SBTF members. It’s the first of what we hope will be a monthly newsletter. It’s available here: July SBTF newsletter but you’ll need to be a SBTF volunteer to read it. If you aren’t a …

July newsletter: for SBTF members Read More »

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