Update #3 on FSM/TC Maysak and call for volunteers

We’re in the final stretch now.

Our deployment ends 22:00 UTC today, June 26 2015.

56 volunteers have signed up and, in that distinctive SBTF way, we have got to know the Federated States of Micronesia from a distance. We know the different names for the same islands, the area telephone codes for Chuuk and Yap and the populations of different settlements across the two states we are focused on. We know the locations of churches, airports and shipping companies. We know where to find accommodation, construction companies and mobile phone signals.

Information management

We have built an impressive resource that should help YPDR understand the culture, economy, the terrain, society and logistics of the affected states of FSM. Between now and the end of the deployment we need to focus on processing some of the databases we have found (like the white pages) to pull out the information that is relevant to YPDR.

At the current rate of progress we probably don’t need any new volunteers to help with that task: but if you are signed up, we still need you to focus on these tasks right up until the end.


We have a small GIS team up and running. We’d like to create some printable maps highlighting some of the key points to help YPDR on the ground, especially issues around sea navigation.

We could do with new volunteers with GIS skills to join to help with that task.

If you have GIS skills and are available between now and 22:00 hrs UTC please sign up.

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