Can you or, someone you know, help us verify reports from Nepal?

We are receiving a potentially overwhelming number of urgent requests. While in Nepal  responders have difficulty moving around. There have been occasions where a team has taken a full day to reach an area only to find other responders are already there.

This takes up time that they could be helping another village where no one has been.

We have our verification tool working now and we need to know what reports are still current.

Can you please look at the website. then send the link out to your friends, family and contacts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, anywhere you can think to share it. Please encourage them to share it too.


This would work well on Twitter

If you have up to date info about Nepal please visit Helps @SBTaskForce verify reports. Please RT #NepalQuakeRelief


This could work on Facebook

We are using the Verily tool to help check reports and request for help coming from Nepal.

If you have up to date info on the situation in any part of Nepal. Please keep an eye on it and see if you can help verify reports.

Please share this with your friends on Facebook.


Or share the update from our Facebook page


For more information on Verily, visit the About Verily page.

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