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We’ve been receiving messages from people wanting to find out how they can get to Nepal and provide practical help with the search and rescue tasks.

Though we totally understand the urge to help, the very clear official advice is that unregistered people should not self-deploy to Nepal for search and rescue or for any other reason. Unless you work as part of a properly trained and prepared team you can put extra demands on the already strained infrastructure you may have difficulty getting food and water.

There is a process to become accredited by UN-OCHA for international USAR, there are a whole range of requirements and training issue to consider.

There are officially recognised groups and organisations with trained staff who undertake relief activities.

Ad-hoc volunteers are likely to hamper the response.

There are other ways you can help:

Help out online

You can visit the MicroMappers website and within seconds be improving the information picture on the ground.

You can join the Standby Task Force and work with hundreds of digital humanitarians across the planet.

And there are many other digital humanitarian organisations that deploy people with particular skills or interests. We encourage you to find an organisation that compliments your skill set and to simply ask how you can help. Every single person has skills to offer during an emergency. Put yours to work.

Find people

If you have direct connections to Nepal you might be able to help locate missing people using the Google Person Finder  or Facebook Safety Check.

Donate money

Many organisations in many countries have launched emergency appeals to support the relief effort in Nepal. Check out the appeals in your country to see how you could help.

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