SBTF Update #2 for the Ecuador Earthquake

Our 3W (Who is doing What, Where) is being published on Silk!

Ecuador 3W screenshot


SBTF is fortunate to have thousands of dedicated volunteers that spend a lot of time during disasters researching information and carefully entering it into our Google Sheets.  

The visualization of this information has always been done by our wonderful GIS team, who have created crisis maps to help responders on the ground have a better understanding of the situation and plan an efficient response. But this process requires lots of time, and immediacy is crucial in these situations.

In our never-ending attempt to explore new techniques to support responders on the ground, we have used this current deployment to test a new tool, The result is a new way to visualize the SBTF 3W (Who does What Where) report. Here is our 3W for the Ecuador Earthquake:  auto-syncs the information that SBTF volunteers are collecting of the organizations currently responding to the Ecuador Earthquake emergency and allows people to see this data entered almost in real time on a map.  Moreover, new visualizations are available for the responders to personalize as they each require, providing them a new powerful tool to have a quick overview of operational presence of responders, classified by sector and location.


The Standby Task Force would like to thank for issuing us an enhanced licencing and quick support to our requests. We are receiving positive feedbacks from the responders on the ground. This tool is very useful for filling the informational gap during the first hours after a disaster occurs, giving more time for the SBTF GIS team to prepare a crisis map.


We would like to encourage more people to join our deployment. We especially need members with a good understanding of Spanish.


If you are an SBTF volunteer, please join the activation. You will find the link on the Ning page.

If you are not a SBTF volunteer, why don’t you join us?

Do you have questions? Email the core team at or contact us in the Slack general channel.


Deployments Leads:

Per Aarvik

Stuart Costello

Valeria Villan

Joyce Monsees



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  1. Article Update : April, 2018

    We have been notified that is no longer available.

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