Social Media, Crisis Mapping and the New Frontier in Disaster Response

Pakistan earthquake

A new article on Global Development Professionals Network talks about MicroMappers, our new microtasking tool, and how the work by Standby Task Force volunteers during the Philippines Typhoon Pablo deployment contributed to the development of the tool.

“There is such a thing as too much information. During a disaster or crisis, Twitter and other social media can provide an instant view of conditions on the ground. This information can be more specific and timely than official data from aid agencies or relief organisations. But not all of this massive information is useful, and the sheer volume can be overwhelming. For example, there were 20m disaster-related tweets in a single week during Hurricane Sandy.

A recently launched set of innovative microtasking apps may help relief organisations make sense of social media data in these situations. MicroMappers apps help volunteers identify and map useful social media data by breaking down larger, more complicated analytical tasks into small, easily completed microtasks …..”

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Social Media, Crisis Mapping and the New Frontier in Disaster Response []

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