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Kofi A. Annan: International Volunteer Day, 05.12.2003:

…At the heart of volunteerism are the ideals of service and solidarity and the belief that together we can make the world a better place.
…But far away from the spotlight, there are millions of generous individuals who, around the clock and around the world, roll up their sleeves and volunteer to help in any way they can.
…Volunteers do not ask, “why volunteer?”, but rather “when?”, “where?” and “how?”. These dedicated and courageous individuals are important partners in the quest for a better, fairer and safer world.

These volunteers are you, each and everyone of you. We cannot thank you enough for giving your time and skills to SBTF.

Some facts and figures.

In the last few weeks we sailed past the 1000 member mark . Totally outstanding considering SBTF has only been active since ICCM 2010. The SBTF googlegroup has 1466 members.

Each week, 10-15 members enter the SBTF. Our youngest member is 15 years and our eldest is an amazing 88 years. This just goes to show you can volunteer with SBTF at any age!

We have volunteers in 95 unique Countries, you can say we really are worldwide, speaking a total of 58 different languages.

107 members names begin with the letter “A”, (Thanks Svend-Jonas for this fact!)

Out of the 1013 members on the Ning page 521 have a Twitter account!

We have volunteers with various backgrounds making us multi skilled and knowledgeable on a vast amount of subjects. 34 members work with the UN, we also have an ex Airfield Manager and an ex “Hat” fashion model!!!! (Sorry Patrick!)

To celebrate all you do in the name of volunteering for Standby Task Force Jaro Valuch has created a fantastic video. Than you Jaro and Om for the work you have put into creating this celebration video.

…… and thank you all, each and everyone of you for being part of this wonderful family of volunteers.

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